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14-Jul-2017 04:18

In computer science, this is known as the optimal stopping algorithm, aka the secretary problem. An abstraction layer capable of managing online dating for me: My first problem was solved: getting leads into the pipeline. If I changed my profile picture and got more “likes” as a result, that meant it was better.

I was tracking data, which made it easy to see what performed best.

I was also always happy to put my name to the blog, because all my friends knew about it from the start.

The first wave of blog readers were my friends, and friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends, all thanks to Facebook.

When you date, you spend time one-on-one with a complete stranger. What helped, when I wrote about my 30 blind dates, was that I knew the guys were reading the posts.

They knew I’d give them nicknames, and some were so happy to take part that they let me share their photos on the blog.

If you google dating blogs, there are countless bitter, man-hating blogs on the internet.

Blogs which often only last a few months, until their authors find someone, or get out of the funk that made them write the blog in the first place.

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To give you ballpark numbers, 43% responded after the first message, 21% after the second, 14% after the third, 9%, 3%,1%, 1%. The number would then be recorded in my custom CRM and automated texts would be sent with Twilio.The thing about writing a blog, and attaching your face and name to it, is that it gives you a sanity check.You don’t have the full anonymity of a computer screen, and so you think before you type. And self-censorship is important when you’re writing about dating – because dating isn’t just about you. There’s a very careful tightrope to tread, writing about your dates, being entertaining, sharing some of the details of the date, but without airing someone else’s dirty laundry. Without betraying the trust you give someone else when you go on a date with them, and share random stories with them.I also had some tricks — like subscribing to premium services to make my messages more visible. I had a special feeling so I brought her on a special date at the Golden Gate Park.

It worked well to get attention: I was now dating at scale, I could handle the influx of new leads. I brought a basket with fruits, macaroons and red wine and rented a boat. I want to find the One, the special relationship that will last many years and multiply happiness. But I’m bad at small talk, and I jump too fast to intellectual conversations, making it awkward. I wanted to find the perfect match, so I wasn’t going to be an amateur about it.

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